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Sunday, Apr. 14, 2024
Welcome to The Cigar Hut, Bringing you some of the finest cigars at some of the finest prices.
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Customer Testimonials about
The Cigar Hut

The following unsolicited comments were submitted by our customers and have been posted here with their prior consent.

Click Here to Read our Customer Reviews at

● This is a very easy website to navigate and the check out process went very smoothly. C. Ohara

● Enjoy doing business with Cigar Hut and will continue to do so. Gerry A.

● I have ordered cigars form other on line sources and have found this company to have the best value and freshness than any other. Never have had a bad experience or back order. E. Hammond

● Switched to Cigar Hut after having issues with Thompson. So far I have been very pleased with them. Brian H.

● Best cigar site on the Web! John K.

● You are the best. I recommend you to all my friends. Tyler W.

● Best prices and fastest delivery anywhere. Rick L.

● A great place to shop and find what you want. James W.

● We love Cigar Hut we have been shopping with Jim since 2007. Linda McC.

● Very accommodating site with quality products. John B.

● I have been buying from this site for a couple of years and have had great service and product at very reasonable prices. Dennis A.

● I checked several sites and you guys are well below the competition on pricing. Easy to use site, and offered a bundle price on what I wanted. "I shall return." Vince M.

● Everything was above expectations. I will definitely recommend Cigar Hut. Alberto A.

● Great selection and prompt service. Anthony D.

● Great Service and Product please keep up the good work. Carolyn M.

● Very happy with the Partagas Puritos Alternatives, best for the price. Armando F.

● I love these guys - excellent service and a great range of products. Jeremy B.

● Easy to work with, was looking for a good cigar at a good price and found it at The Cigar Hut. Jeff G.

● We had an initial problem but the owner took care of it and I appreciate his willingness to work with me. It made me a appreciative customer. Gary G.

● Have been a customer for several years and am impressed with the continued quality and customer satisfaction. George C.

● This is a good place to get cigars at a fair price. Fred B.

● I appreciate the low prices. James P.

● I was very pleased with the ease of purchasing at The Cigar Hut. William S.

● I have ordered your products for a number of years now. If I had only one word to desribe my experiance, it would be "outstanding"!!! Jacob R.

● I must say thanks to you guys I am able to enjoy a decent stick at a reasonable price. I am retired and disabled living on a fixed income so as I said, big thanks. John Gallo

● What great service, communication and incredibly quick international delivery (delivery to Australia). I did not expect to see my cigars or humidor for another week, imagine my surprise when they all turned up today. Very professionally wrapped and packaged, no chance of damage. A great shame you do not take Mastercard. That would be my only complaint. Thank you for an exemplary online shopping experience and top of the line products. Matthew Howard

● My Old Fashioned No 700 cigars have arrived. For my Chinese university students I have posted an article on my web site “Developing vs. Developed” about the difference between the single Chinese made cigar available within China, through the Government tobacco monopoly, and the free market selection offered by The Cigar Hut, I note that the stock of the Old Fashioned 700 is limited so I do not want to say too much about this absolutely fantastic cigar until my next order is filled. Yes I am being selfish. I want mine and yours can be on back order. Martin Wolff

● I have not found a place that has better products or pricing on the net. Keep up the great work. I love your Old Fashioned Cigars. Regards Joseph Rieck

● When the China Post called today I hesitated because we are in our 9th consecutive day of 40 C heat and the hot rain is unpredictable. But the thought of receiving 2 boxes of Don Rafael Churchill Maduro was just too much. So I jumped on my new Ebike and ventured for to brave the heat. This package was in excellent condition and arrived just 6 days after shipping from the US.

On the way home I stopped at my favorite tea house for a cup of hot tea and my first Don Rafael Maduro. (Hot tea keeps you thin, cool and it is social.) When I opened my package before the inquiring Chinese eyes, we were all surprised to find wooden boxes. How classy!

When I took out a cigar the Chinese all stepped backwards and started excitedly chatting about the contents of my box.

This cigar has my kind of really dark and tasty wrapper, only to be exceeded by the smooth cool even draw. The Chinese were amazed and would not accept a cigar. They were fearful of such a huge smoke. The ash hangs on for what seems to be forever, adding to the rich taste and cool draw. One hour later, with my last puff, I said good bye to my Chinese friends who seemed perplexed that I could stand and walk after smoking such a big cigarette. I enjoyed this cigar so much I rushed home to light up another. Martin Wolff

● I found my cigar shop. Ordered Sunday night and had the smokes on Wednesday! 2 day shipping? I love it. Great prices, great shipping, what more can you ask for? Brent Johnson

● Wow! Very fast service, even with a Government mule delivering. I just received my sticks and couldn't wait to tear into the box. As I lit up, Bob Marley came on iTunes - adding to the ambiance even though it's 39 degrees out. I think I've just found my "everyday" smoke. I can't share which one - I want to guard against demand. Sincerely, great prices and speedy service. I'd like to see a Cigar Hut T-shirt on your site so that I can display my alligence. Well done! Charlie H.

● I just thought I would take the time to let you know. I looked and have dealt with several cigar companies. Their new trick is to rip people off on the shipping. So you will now be my first cigar company choice because of "honest shipping" Ken Foust

● Just received my order from The Cigar Hut. Thank you for such prompt shipping. As for the four-fer of Sumatran Toros I just received, I could'nt be happier. Smooth, spicy, and such a great aftertaste... perfect with a shot or two of single malt! I've done business with a couple of your competitors... I am a confirmed customer at The Cigar Hut now. Thank You!! William F. Millsaps

● I think that The Cigar Hut are one of the best on the net for cigars and their sevice is the best. I must thank you for the great service and the polite people you have on staff they were very curtious to me when I telephoned and they were very informative which is more than I can say for people here in the UK when I telephone them. Yours B H Lawless

● Well - you guys really impressed me. My address somehow got changed in your database. I contacted you after my shipment had already been sent and you really surprised me! You re-shipped my order to the correct address in record time! I've never had this type of service! Cigar Hut, you've got a new customer for life! I'll make sure that I pass this info to all my friends. Ray Ross

● First of all, I never take the time to leave a feedback as quite frankly, I don't have much time and most merchants services hardly meet my high expectations. In this case, with The Cigar Hut, I feel compelled to share my experience with these incredible, wonderful people. It is my first order with The Cigar Hut and the site is incredibly user friendly. The prices are fantastic. I initially had doubts about the quality but when I received my shipment 3 hours ago I realized how wrong I was. I spoke with Jim on the phone, he was very helpful and informative. The shipment arrived in a record time, specially that I am in a different country. The cigars were packaged very well, so no risk of damage during shipping. I was amazed with the freshness of the cigars. In brief, it was an ideal transaction in every single way. The Cigar Hut from now on is my only cigar supplier. Hopefully you guys stay that efficient and keep the prices as competitive so you keep happy loyal customers like myself for a long time. Basically, if you are a cigar smoker and you do not order from The Cigar Hut you are simply insane... and for your info, I have no interest whatsoever in the company and never met anyone there face to face... I am just one happy customer in love with their cigars and their service. Thanks much to The Cigar Hut people. Hany Saad

● Hey Jim...I wanted to tell you that your company has by far, the best web page in the cigar retail industry. I have purchased from many online cigar retailers and recently found yours. Your site is very well detailed and very easy to navigate around... and find what I am looking for. Thanks!!! ...Tommy Berry, Jr.

● To the wonderful people at Cigar Hut International, I just received my order of four Opus X Reserve D'Chateau Churchill's. The packaging and delivery was very professional! I am very impressed, and very pleased! We'll be doing much more business in the near future. Many thanks to the people of The Cigar Hut International. Sincerely, Jim Mizel

● Hi Jim, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your speed of delivery and excellent quality cigars. I'm enjoying them so much that I had to put another order in! I hope you continue to prosper and thank you for your fabulous service. My regards, John Cooper

● Jim, Thank you. I really appreciate your efforts. I received the cigars today. That is fantastic customer service. I will be sure to tell everyone about how easy it was to get these great cigars.
Thank you so much. Brian J. Rudick

● The Cigar Hut is a fantastic company. The staff is a very professional and polite. The best prices and the highest quality. You'll find them all here. I ordered some cigars that were relatively hard to get. Cigar Hut got them for me. Thanks Cigar Hut. I'm smoking my Cuban Crafters and lovin' them! Thanks again, Jerry Ung

● After looking at various cigar shops for a new humidor I decided to order one from your website. I just received the humidor yesterday and I am writing to compliment you on your speed of service and the quality of your products. Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for, but I paid about 50% of the retail price. It's great to find a company that still takes pride in quality and service.  - Geoffrey H.

● Great Cigar Website! This is the *first* cigar site I have seen that displays the origins of the filler, binder and wrapper origins as well as other useful information (i.e. dimensions, flavor, etc.) for all decent cigars on the market today. This is very useful information and some of the cigar prices are the cheapest I've seen anywhere. I'll likely be purchasing something soon! :) Lee Savage

● Jim, Thank you for the quick reply! Your web site is an example of a very functional internet experience - my wife was impressed that she could educate herself and pick out the right humidor for me secretly because of your site. The delivery went smoothly, the product looks great and now your follow up is another example of total customer service.  Thank you! David S.

● Just wanted to send you a line and tell you thank you. Your prices, ease of ordering and timely shipping are super. Also, you always have what I want in stock. Thanks again. Monte M.

● Hello Jim, Herewith I want to confirm the receipt of a beautiful "Cambria" humidor. Certainly one understands now that this particular humidor gets a lot of WOW's from people. It was exactly my reaction too ;-) Thank you once more for your impeccable service. You and your team excel in promptness, attentiveness, effectiveness. In short, I can recommend The Cigar Hut to anybody with cigar related interests for their team is truly professional! Ray Schoutrop

● After discovering that I may have a conflict with the delivery method that I chose and the last minute obligation for travel. Jim made the offer to upgrade my delivery method (with no additional charge) to assure the arrival of my box of supreme cigars prior to my departure. I received my cigars as promised and they were in excellent condition. I've been purchasing via internet for over four years now. And have had better customer service from my online stores than some of the conventional stores with their mark-up and all. It's service like this that wins the customer's loyalty. You can be sure I'll be back!
Thanks again Jim! Michael J Flores

● Just wanted to thank you for an easy ordering-process. Your prices are wonderful and will continue to keep me coming back to you. I look forward to getting them tomorrow and sharing a few with close friends. Thanks again!   Justin W.

● I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my 75 count sapelli burl humidor deluxe. I ordered it three days ago and I already received it. Not only was the price great, it got here real quick. As for me, this is the only site I will order from. Looking forward to doing more business with you guys.   Louis Zadotti

● Upon placing his order, Mr. Thomas included this note:
So far so good. If all goes well, I will say with most sincerity that this is the ONLY place to buy cigars!!!
(After receiving his order he sent us this comment:)
You guys ROCK! I just received my Puros and they are perfect! I just smoked one of the Maduros and it was quite nice. Thanks a lot and you will be getting more orders from this happy camper...
Eric Thomas 

● To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you for your prompt service. I was surprised how fast the humidor arrived. I purchased the humidor as a Valentine's Day present for my husband. I opened the box looking for directions on how to use it. There were none. What do I tell my husband to do, to make the humidor work? I saw there was like a round thing that has a "sticky" that glues onto the inside (top) of the humidor. Do we need to add water to it? I apologize for sounding ignorant. Cigar smoking has become a new relaxing pastime for my husband and we are just learning about it. I would appreciate any directions you could give.
Thank you for your cooperation.  Janine Ferranti

(We replied to Janine with the humidor set-up instructions by E-mail)

● Thank you so much for your prompt response once again. I am sooooo glad that I asked. It was more complex than I thought.
If I ever purchase any more cigar paraphernalia for my husband, I will definitely order it from you. I will also recommend your company to anyone that I know who smokes cigars. It was been a pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the GREAT customer service. I really appreciate it. Satisfied Customer, Janine Ferranti 

● WOW!! That's what I said to myself, twice! This is a busy time of year (the week before Christmas), but I just had to take a minute and send a quick little note. I went to my local tobacco chain store to get my wife her favorite cigars for Christmas. They didn't have them in stock. It is the week before Christmas and my only hope was to shop the Internet for the cigars. I found your website, ordered, and hoped that I would receive my order by Christmas. I couldn't believe when the UPS woman was at my door within 48 hours of my order. I found another product that I wanted to order that night and did, and hoped it would arrive as fast. It sure did. It was at my door within 24 hours. If the quality of the product is as good as the timeliness of your admin. and distribution operations I will be very happy. I really appreciate the prompt service. Thanks, Mike VanVorst

● Dear Jim,
Thank you for your speedy reply and detailed answer which addressed all of my questions. You are clearly a professional and I will recommend The Cigar Hut to everyone I know. Richard S.

● I've got to say this is the best cigar store on the web. I have never been treated better by a salesman by the name of Jim, what a great guy not to mention he is very cigar smart. I buy the Macanudo seconds and if you can close your eyes and draw on one and tell the difference between the seconds and the ones that aren't your a better man than me. They are always fast and on time. Thanks Jim, Bernie K

● I received my cigars super fast. These guys are A1 OK in my book, good service, excellent products, and good communication, now that's a trifecta that can't be beat, best of luck Jim, thanks, Ernie

● I did a Google search for Internet cigar merchants. Spent a few minutes price shopping and you were $30 less than the competition for the Ashton Maduro's I ordered. And about half what I would pay locally with all the taxes. Thanks! Tony M.

● Hi Jim , Last Friday I received my deluxe burl humidor. I am quite
pleased with the quality, fit, and finish of it especially for such a low
price. Thanks again for going the extra mile by getting your US
warehouse to ship my order internationaly by mail. It's nice to know there
are still companies out there that take pride in good customer service.
It was a pleasure doing business with you, thanks again. 
Arnold H.

● Good Morning: This is just a note to let you know I received the two boxes of cigars in good order and super fast shipping, you guys are A1 OK in my book, will tell every one I know of your excellent service, shipping and also communication, of all of the horror stories, I have heard of ordering  things on the net, my purchase, and order / receipt thereof made for a most pleasurable experience , I look forward to doing business with you folks in the future, thanks again for a super deal and transaction.  Willern F. Koblinski

● Jim: The delivery arrived today as expected - Great. The web site was easy to use - very good. The customer service and responsiveness was impressive - excellent. My neighbors have had good luck with you and suggested I use it as well. Tim

● Thank you for your previous assistance. I am still looking for some hard-to-find cigars for my home humidor.  This is my weekly stock inquiry. I thank you again for taking the time to respond to me and to help further develop our business relationship. I sincerely appreciate fellow cigar enthusiasts who are professional business people, especially in light of how many unscrupulous retailers and suppliers are out there who like to price-gouge when certain cigars are in low supply. Live and learn right? Chris Webb

● Hi Jim! I ordered another round of Macanudo Ascot Seconds last Friday, Once again, YOU and yours offer a tremendous service. I'm just now getting ready to go out and burn another one of those that I had to buy at the Tobacco Barn at the Pentagon City Mall...(since I  didn't get them ordered from you in time). Guess what? One of these FIRST quality cigars is wrapped wrong and came apart in my hands as soon as I got the plastic off. Another from the same box had bits and pieces of the inner wrapper all over it. THIS one has a break just above the ring. YOUR seconds are better quality. Out of the two tins I bought on Tuesday, five thus far have had something wrong with them. That's a 25% bozo rate. But YOUR seconds??? and then I get one wrapped wrong, but I'm finding only about two out a hundred that have any problems whatsoever. less for seconds and get better quality than the firsts I get at the mall...go figure.    Lyell Chapman

● Jim, Yes we did receive them and they look great! Thank you for a great product, I will be in touch in the future.   Bob

● Thanks very much for your care. I'll be a customer of your company for a long time. You're referred to me by a friend.. thanks again.
Lucas Chan

● I wanted to send a note to let you know that I was very impressed with your company. First off, I looked around at several different sites and found your overall prices to be absolutely the lowest of anyone around. I ordered a box of Punch Gran Cru Prince Consorts through the website, but received a box of Monarcas instead. When I called up I spoke with someone named Jim, and he said he would look into it and call me back. He called me promptly within 10 minutes and apologized. I asked if he could discount me the Gran Cru sampler pack as you were out of Prince Consorts. He obliged with no arguments at all and I received it within 1 week. I was very impressed to say the least, and I am definitely a loyal customer now. Thanks again!!
Sincerely, Luke Everett 

● Hi Jim, This is great! I was down to my last 6 and the package was here when I got home from work this evening. They got here faster than the email with the tracking number! Thanks again for a job well done!  Lyell   

● Dear Sirs, It has come to my attention that I, in error, made duplicate orders. I thought they didn't get through and would try them again and now I find I have about three extra orders in two days. I do not know how to rectify this. I know I signed up for them but I just didn't know they were getting through, so I'd try again. Please advise me what we can do. I want to remain a good customer of yours because I love the cigars and your service and the prices. I recommend you to all my friends. Sincerely, Harlan J. Blackstone 
(After speaking to Harlan, he decided to have them shipped anyway)

● Thank you for the offer, but I believe I would rather have the Hemingway Signature Cigars. So I would like to cancel my order and receive my check back. In the future though, I will definitely do business with you and tell my friends what a great customer service program you have to offer. Thank you, Krissy Hurley  

● Thanks...I ordered 2 this time!!!!
And, I'll do it again and again. I've found that the seconds are just as
good as the ones with the band. I'm running about 5% seconds in the first quality Macanudo Ascots I buy at my local cigar store. Strangely enough, only 2 out of the last 100 seconds I bought were strange. One just had way too much wrapper on it (almost like it was double wrapped) and the other was rolled backwards (it unrolled as I smoked it...but then, I may have lit the wrong end!!) All in all, I'm very very pleased with your seconds. There seems to be a variety that I like too...true ascots, robustos, and maduros all in the same package. I personally like it a lot, as I generally buy Ascots, but sometimes like a change to Maduro or Robust. I can't say THANKS enough times or in enough ways!! LDC. 

● Thanks for your help. It is much appreciated. 
Randy Besancon  

● Dear Mr. Bullen, Many thanks. I will do business with you again and my friends will get a heads-up on your good business practices. 
Respectfully, Brian Stephenson 

● Dear Jim, Thanks so much for all your trouble. I know you really went out of your way to help me out and I really appreciate it. Miryam 

● This is Bill Kunka, I have changed my mind and would like you to ship my order as soon as possible. I have checked around and your prices are still the best. You should also e-mail your customers when you ship your orders. So once again I ask you to please ship my order, and could also e-mail if the order has already been shipped or is going to be shipped. Thank-you once again. Bill K. 
(we now send out tracking numbers for every order)

● Thank you for your prompt reply, looking forward to doing business with your company now and in the future.   Joe Wilcox 

● I received my order and and am very happy with the extra time that you took to track down the problems. I look forward to doing more business with The Cigar Hut in the future. Thank you again.  CB 

● Dear Jim, Thanks for taking care of this. I have been pleased with the products that I did receive. I will be visiting your site again and most likely placing future orders. Thank you again for your attention to this matter. Carl Carless 

● It is refreshing these days to deal with a "Real" person when ordering over the internet and that is exactly what I got with Cigar Hut ! My contact with Jim has been a pleasure. I am very careful when it comes to buying over the net I want convenience of course Most important though is the best quality at the best price or I would not bother. I get that and much more with my friend Jim at Cigar Hut.  Rick

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