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Monday, May. 27, 2024
Welcome to The Cigar Hut, Bringing you some of the finest cigars at some of the finest prices.
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Search by Cigar Shape

Use the search box or click on the name in the chart below to find the size or shape of cigar that you are looking for. 

Search by Cigar Shape

Choose Brand:

Cigarillo Demi-Tasse Slim Panatela Short Panatela Panatela Long Panatela Petit Corona Corona Lonsdale Giant Corona Corona Extra Gran Corona Robusto Toro Churchill Double Corona Giants Cigar Sizes Chart
Torpedos and Figurados come in a variety of sizes so they don't easily fit in the chart above, but you can still use the search box above to find them.

Cigars come in all shapes and sizes and certain "size names" are often used to refer to a particular size or shape of cigar.  Names such as "Corona" or "Churchill" designate a cigar of a certain length and ring gauge.  However, there is no naming and sizing standard in the cigar industry and after generations of manufacturers independently deciding which name went with which length and ring gauge, there is much confusion.  While one manufacturers may call a particular size a Churchill, a different manufacturer calls that same size a Double Corona.

We believe that most people want to look for cigars of a particular length and ring gauge, regardless of what they are called and that is how our Cigar Database works. When you search for cigars by shape you are actually searching for cigars that are within a range of lengths and a range of ring gauges regardless of what the cigar is called.

For example, cigars between 6 3/4" and 7 3/4" with a ring gauge between 45 and 48 is designated as a Churchill in our database.  Choosing that option will find all cigars within that size range.



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